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 David Hodges

The eighth child in a family of ten, David Hodges was always considered a "go-getter". He never took "No" for an answer and always had a desire to learn more and more.

David was born in Lexington, Mississippi and grew up on sprawling 42-acre farm. He was always fascinated with baking and spent hours in the kitchen watching his mother Kneading dough, a love came over him to bake, and that is when he knew that he, too, would one day grow up to be a baker. 

At the age of Fifteen, David began to dream of going around the world working as a baker and his dream was to do it on the waters. As he pursued his dream, even through High School and on to Atterbury Job Corps Center in Edinburg, Indiana: David enrolled in a Baker's class and graduated with a diploma in baking. 

David Hodges is a praying man, and it is prayer that has brought him through family dysfunction, loneliness, and schizophrenia. In Walking with God Through It All, David shares the wisdom God bestowed upon him through inspirational messages of hope and love. 

Coming from a family besieged by alcoholism, raised on a farm where there was plenty to eat but not much left for other necessities, feeling isolated from his mother, and the sudden breakup of his parents' marriage led to a mental breakdown. It was only later David was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and through his battles with the demons that tried to conquer his mind, David found strength and peace in the Lord.

Now, David shares his struggles, journey, and triumph in Walking with God Through It All as a weapon against the enemy and balm to those who embrace God's Holy Word. Embrace the joy of Jesus and know that God is truly walking with YOU through it all!




Dear Family, 

The day has come for me to share my journey.  The journey starts with a smile.  As you read this book your life will be changed for the better. 

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart on May 5, 1980. The pastor's message that day was "Jesus' as our Eternal Life Line". This Led me to the Master Life books because I wanted to know what is a disciple and how to become one.

After much study, I was moved to share my life story so that others would be brought to the Word of God and saved by Jesus' Grace and Mercy.


The Lord knew you before you were form in your mother womb. And the Lord love you then and He will love you through what ever you face on earth and through out eternity. 

Look up! Look to the hills where your help come from, your help come from the Lord. It is in Him you move and have your being. 

And we know that all things work together for good who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 NKJV. Believe it and it will work for you!


God has and will lift you up and set you free; God is a good God and He want to bless you richly.


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